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Below you'll find Merchants and Products which speak to the topic of this site and which, in keeping with our mission as The Web's Concierge, have been carefully chosen and individually screened for your shopping ease and pleasure. They are not paid ads, but rather companies with whom we have selectively chosen to partner. We do earn a referral fee if you find something you like or need and purchase it. We have striven to bring you the "best in breed" companies ... those that: we like, our friends like, have great sites and service, have good online reviews, positive consumer reports, and are family friendly. Keep us posted with regards to your own personal experiences with them.

You may be surprised at companies that have not been included. The "noisiest" in the marketplace are not always the best. We have chosen 1) newer innovative companies that are performing well and garnering respect in their respective niches as well as 2) "Main Street" companies that have been reliably getting the job done for decades ... in some cases centuries. Our oldest partner, thus far, has been in business since 1819! That's staying power.

Rest assured, if we've included a certain vendor in a site's line-up, there's a very specific reason for it. You may have to hunt and poke a bit, but it'll be well worth the effort. Enjoy the adventure!

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The Leader of the Pack

Surfer (24 Issues/2 Year)

Surfer: A leading surf publication ... keeping its audience in touch with the surfing lifestyle. You'll enjoy "journeys" to undiscovered surf spots and features on the men and women who define the sport, all accompanied by powerful photographic images.

Customer Favorites:

Amazon: One of the planet's most mind-boggling arrays of goods. First came the books. Now they've added every other product on the planet. The ultimate in selection and convenience across multiple categories. If you love Art ... any kind of art, any subject ... you're gonna love this site. It's a feast for the senses. You can browse by subject, genre, artist, room to be decorated, and even color palate. Once you've found the image you've been looking for and/or can't live without, then you have multiple product types to choose from ... there's even a great selection of wall tapestries. You'll have fun here ... no matter your special interests or current decorating mission. Their tag line says it all: "Find Your Art, Love Your Space."

Contiki: One very special niche ... a tour operator for the 18-35 year olds that want to see the world and experience different cultures, but who want to travel safely (especially if traveling solo) and make sure they "see the sights". Average age is about 25. Make new friends, travel, and do a bit of partying while you're at it.

LeftLaneSports: Offering premium outdoors, endurance, and active sports and fitness equipment at members-only prices. Their "flash sales" have proved popular.

Pacific Sunware (PacSun): California Lifestyle Clothing (More Like Trendsetting Fashions), Accessories and Shoes ... Geared Towards the Younger Crowd. You'll find brands like Roxy, Hurley, Billabong, Quiksilver, and more!

Pictures on Gold: A Leader in Customized Jewelry (All types of Jewelry) with a Twist ... Utilizing the Latest in Laser Technology to Create Photos (Any and All Themes) Lasered onto 14K Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry ... and They've Been Doing it Online for over 10 Years. What Great Gift Options ... Way Cool! You Just Really Need to Check This Out! Also a Great Source for Sports-themed Jewelry ... a Huge and Comprehensive Selection!

Sanuk: Home of the popular Sanuk sandals and sidewalk surfers! (BTW: Sanuk comes from the Thai word for fun ... which of course is what these shoes are all about ... besides being comfortable, of course.)

Silver Surfer (12 Issues/1 Year)

Silver Surfer: The universe is big. Bigger than you could ever imagine! And the Silver Surfer, the lone sentinel of the skyways, is about to discover that the best way to see it is with someone else. Meet the Earth Girl who challenges the Surfer to go beyond the boundaries of the known Marvel Universe ... into the strange, the new, the utterly fantastic!

South Moon Under: From Its Origins as a Surf Shop in 1968, SMU has evolved into an Upscale, Sophisticated and Just Plain Very Cool Retailer of Fashions for the Younger Set (A Destination for Fashion Savvy Gen X and Gen Y-ers). Truly an Eclectic Mix of Women's and Men's Clothing, Swimwear, Fashion Accessories, Jewelry, and Stylish Accessories for the Home. Just a fabulous vibe and great look.

The House: One of the premier online boardshops ... the selection is BEYOND comprehensive and includes snowboards and snowboarding gear, skateboards, surfboards, skis of very type and skiing gear and apparel, wakeboards and wakeboarding gear, snowshoes, bikes of all types for all terrains, windsurfing gear, paddle boards, kayaks, waterskis, towables and inflatables, camping and hiking gear, extreme weather apparel and footwear, sunglasses, etc, etc, ... I think you get the picture. Definitely makes you want to get off the couch!!! Very, very cool.

More Resources:

KMart: Offering a wide range of merchandise from appliances, electronics, and toys to apparel, home decor, and sporting goods ... and much, much more. It would be hard for us to calculate the goods we've bought here over the years. Great stuff, great prices ... every once in a while the online customer service gets a bit flukey... What's neat ... they've still got their great layaway plan available online!

Sierra Trading Post: All your favorite Sierra Trading Post gear ... you'll be good to go for every outdoor activity. In addition to "the Gear" .... you'll find a fabulous selection of apparel and decor to suit the "casual lifestyle" of the outdoor-minded. This favorite shopping destination has become one of the Web's 5 top favorite places to shop ... the company has worked its way into the Fortune 50. They've really covered all the bases when it comes to customers' "wants and likes".

Welcome to ... an unlimited network of sites encompassing all your special interests and favorite destinations. Our aim: to make your online browsing, shopping, and socializing easier, more efficient, and even more private. Explore and Enjoy!
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